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SOTM - September 2016: The House Of The Rising Sun


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hi all, Veggie Dave has asked me to host the SOTM - September 2016, thank you Dave :) I promise to do my best.

So, our song will be The House Of The Rising Sun, by The Animals, I love that song :). I have a zip file in the following link, where you can find an mp3 and their sheets, which were prepared by Chris, thank you Chris for all the work.

I foud in the youtube a couple of videos.

I hope you enjoy my choice :)


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Haha, yes it's already been done:) But seeing how we have lots of guys falling over each other wanting to host this month/thread,>:) sometimes a repeat is better than no thread:)



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No problem, lots of us nebies here. I'll have a go at this too I think. Didn't get round to last month's.


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Ok, started to have a play with this. Just the intro and first verse for now, I'm hoping my timing is a bit easier on this as I'm more used to this than the ballad type stuff :) Tone seems very 'thin' today for some reason, probably trying too hard :)

Oh, nearly forgot. Notes are from the sheet with a few refactored notes, plus I've migrated them all as the backing track is in a different key (D major...unless it's a minor key, in which case it's err, something else :)) A few A#s too, not really sure why as there's also some A's, sure there's a reason for that, but my teacher worked most of that out. Taken mostly from the YouTube of The Animals version.
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