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Well i have owned many,many,many horn's over the year's and on the Soprano front i have had Yanagisawa,keilwerth,selmer 3,curved Borgani,curved steve goodson,and am now playing on a Bauhaus Walstein Bronze Straight sop and it's great.Play's in tune,very warm sound,ease of playing and well built and they are one hell of a great deal.I still would fancy a old 62 Yamaha Soprano but for now i am very very happy with this sax.If cash is no object then by all mean's you should try as many of the big gun's you can but the bw sop can hold it's own with pride .
Cost is always an issue but I decided as I'm not desperate to buy that I would wait and find the right one and if that means waiting as I needed more cash then so be it.

As it happens I have found a Rampone and Cazzani Saxello which I'm getting for a great price. I will be looking at it tomorrow so hopefully I will be one proud owner within 24 hours.

Thanks for the input.
For me it has to be the Yani SC992 but hope your R & C is great. My friend has a Mauriat Saxello and she loves it.

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