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Saxophones Soprano sax which one?


I have about £1000 to spend on a Soprano and I have a few choices. I had thought about a second hand Yamaha 475 or Bauhouse Walstein maybe. I don't think the funds will stretch to a secondhand Yanagisawa (which would be my ultimate choice as I have a yani alto 902 and am very pleased with). Someone mentioned an Antigua Winds SS4290, which receives decent forum feedback, your thoughts please

Maybe save for the Yanagiasawa, but get someting to play in the meanwhile and spend on a decent mouthpiece. Some interesting stuff around... If you can get to a shop and try a few. And take a look in the yardsale, there are/were a few sops there that would fit the bill.
The Bauhaus Walstein is a serious piece of kit, which Pete Thomas rates above others. I play a BW out of preference to a Yanagisawa, as do several others on the forum. It has a superb tone, too. Do try them in comparison and see what you think. Where are you based. A member recently played a Yanagisawa and a Bauhaus Walstein in the same shop and chose the BW in preference - the Yanagisawa was in her price range. Give them both a try!
Hi Tom

I must give the Bauhaus Walstein a go then.

As my yani alto is a bronze I'm rather partial to this tone and wonder if the B W sop will give a similar diference in tone. I'll try to have a blow with several saxes before I purchase.

I'm in Sheffield, and the nearest sax shops with stock to try I believe are in Nottingham, Bradford, Manchester and Liverpool, sadly none in Sheffield!

Having looked at some of the other threads the B W M2 has great reviews, although a little out of my budget.

Thanks for your advice

Try Windblowers in Nottingham - they have BW and Yanagisawa sopranos, including the second hand one triedby the member who bought the BW I mentioned in my post - very helpful folks! You may need to ask them toget the BW Bronze sax in before you visit if they do not currently stock one.

Kind regards
I'll give them a try. Just looked on the Windblowers website and the Yanagisawa is a curved Sop which was not on my radar as I prefer the straight sop's. I also note they have an Antigua in for repair (also curved) which will no doubt be less expensive.
Hi Jeanette

They don't carry much stock in terms of sopranos as there isn't a massive demand for this type of sax, and yes I know them very well and have purchased from them previously.

I speak to John (the proprietor of Bluenote) on a fairly regular basis to see what comes into the shop.


Other opinions are available........

I have both BW and Yanagisawa saxes, and rate both highly. I do find the Yanagisawas to be better than the BWs though. They are between three and five times the price, though.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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