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Captain Kumquat

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I've recently come into possession of an Earlham Soprano sax, just a wee beginner's model, nothing too fancy.

Anyway, I need to buy a mouthpiece and ligature for it. Not looking to spend more than £50 say, although obviously I wouldn't be asking for advice if I have any idea what constituted a reasonable price.

Any recommendations?


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Skabertawe, South Wales
On the other hand you might want to take a step up and get a Rico Graftonite mouthpiece (SB5) and ligature from at £18 in total - with a set of 5 Marca jazz reeds at £8.25, and small mouthpiece patches for £3.95 (Reeds Direct - free P&P) you are done and dusted for just over £30, leaving money for a swab (£6 - Reeds Direct), & strap (£6 - Rapid Free P&P) with change out of £50.

I have played a Rico soprano mouthpiece and rate it highly.......
Go on, you know you want to.......

Kind regards

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