Sony PCM-D50 Recorder

Richard Perks

Nanaimo BC Canada
Well used the PCM-D50 for the first couple of times this week, and it's great... Placed it both times at a distance so you do get a bunch of crowd noise but that is part of recording live.
Added some reverb on "Rack 'Em Up" as it was very dry. Nothing on "In the Mood"

Used RPC Mthpce on Tenor (Selmer 80II. Got my PPT this week and will play it at the Blues Club soon. Will update something using the PPT.:w00t:

"Rack 'Em Up" at The Blues Underground Thursday June 24th.
"In The Mood" with "Just Us Band" on lead Alto using '72 Buffett "Super Dynaction" stock Buffett Mthpce. Enjoyed the big band sound.

Here it is on "MySpace"

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