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I saw Sonny Rollins for the first time last night. He's 79 and still going strong. I have a few of his CDs and was really looking forward to this. It was a sell out gig. The crowd gave him a very warm reception and a standing ovation. I hope I'm as good when I am 79..... I must keep practicing.
He's my fave old school tenor player.Seen him twice over the year's but missed this 1.Hope he's still going strong for his next visit as i wont miss that 1.The last time i saw him i was in the middle of row 2 and he was standing right in front of me about 5 feet away blowing his stuff,wow,the best gig i seen.Special is not the word,out of this world is the saying.I love his phrasing.
I was there too (at the Barbican on Saturday night). The first number was almost surreal from where I was sat. The sound was so sublime, almost disembodied - it didn;t look like it could possibly be eminating from this old boy who could barely walk onto the stage. He still has it and no mistake!

Some other terrific performances over the London Jazz Festival weekend too - had a great time!!

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