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Sonny Rollins
Falkonér Centret
Copenhagen, Denmark
October 30, 1974
Sonny Rollins, tenor saxophone
Rufus Harley, soprano saxophone and bagpipes
Yoshiaki Masuo, guitar
Gene Perla, electric bass
David Lee, drums
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Beautiful and well recorded too.

Sounding good and looking very 70s ! There's a good album from the same period with this line-up and didn't the BBC transmit a film last year of this band at Ronnie's ?

No more jazz bagpipes for me though.

I think the film from Ronnie's may have been from the same tour as this and the live album 'The Cutting Edge' is also from the '74 european tour, with the addition of Stanley Cowell and M'tume and Bob Cranshaw back on bass - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cutting_Edge_(album)
I've not heard it, but if it's as good as Sonny Rollins in Japan, then it's worth a listen
I assume that Sonny stocked up on funky waistcoats while he was studying yoga in India
I quite liked the bagpipes and that guitarist is excellent

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