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Fake! Someone's going to be very disappointed/Dirty Fake


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I saw this listing on eBay the other day, before the bidding really got going:

Look at the Selmer logo - I don't think Selmer ever used the phrase 'Technik by France' on their saxes.....:(

I reported it to eBay as a fake, but it's still there, and the bidding has gone up and up. Someone's going to end up with a hundred quid's worth of Chinese fakery for the best part of a grand.
Re: Someone's going to be very disappointed

It does have a pair of white gloves though.
Re: Someone's going to be very disappointed

The case is a bit of a give-away - even by cheapie standards, it looks flimsy and when did any sax case ever have a webbing handle?
Re: Dirty fake on eBay

Yes, lots about, Milandro and i were trying to spot the number of mistakes on one once...even down to the name being spelt Semler!
Re: Someone's going to be very disappointed

Badladkev heheheheh. I've just asked if the instrument comes with a mouthpiece. It should have a selmer mouthpiece if it's genuine , Right?
Re: Dirty fake on eBay

Technic by france? Yes this one is in the breakfast room. Bad lad kev tsktsktsk
Re: Dirty fake on eBay

But it does come with a pair of white gloves.

The seller was also given a clarinet that he doesn't want. Someone must have mistakenly thought he was a woodwind player.
Re: Dirty fake on eBay

Gah, Andrew Sanders beat me to the white glove comment in another thread :eek: :)

Mine came with white gloves, too. Must be a good one.
Re: Dirty fake on eBay

In case anyone's wondering, I've merged the two threads on this.

I'm not bad lad kev...

Feel sorry for the victims. This guy's clearly trying to avoid a fake description and at the same time con people into thinking they're buying the real thing. One wonders how the American relatives became rich... Flogging fakes?
Re: Dirty fake on eBay

Yes, I noticed the very careful wording
Hi all I have questioned Arry my confidante on this replication as he recently become very interested in the relatively high value of saxophones. His comment. "Nuffin ter do wif me Guv I bin studyn fer the On Remand Spelling B.`

Joking aside I recently reported to Ebay that one of their sellers were displaying fake Gillette razor blades in the buy now section. I even tracked down the suppliers storage area in London together with an address. I got a refund but the blades are still being sold. Regds. Ever vigilant.N.
I've sent another message to eBay, imploring them to block the sale. Here's hoping.
From the link to the Chinese Selmer Paris saxophone: 'This guitar is of the first quality...' :eek:
did the sale get blocked anyone know? I didn't watch it on my watch list. It made me furious to see that on there and some vulnerable person could lose alot of money!! grrr
I've reported and sent the seller a very diplomatic and polite email posing as a potential buyer stating that I'm unsure of the authenticity of it. Should make him crap himself enough to pull it from the sale


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