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Some music what I have played! Worcs Sax Ensemble


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The Malverns, Worcs
About 2 years ago, I was invited to join Worcestershire Saxophone ensemble.
At the time, it was a temporary appointment as someone else was ill, but it has done my playing and reading no end of good, and I think I may have earned my place there now in my own right. I am still there! I play both Bari and Tenor for WSE.

These are some clips of works played at a recent performance.

Almost all other players are Music teachers or have music degrees. For me with my grade 7 in Jazz sax, it remains a challenge, but one that I feel much more able to take on now than I did at the start.

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
Very impressive ensemble and you're more than holding up your part. Great playing that is the glue in Firesteps. I especially liked the two Whitlock pieces that I've never heard before.

Also a good rendition of Handel's arrival of the Queen of Sheba, but I couldn't stop thinking of a Peter Greenaway film while listening.

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