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Hi, first off I'd like to say hello, I'm completely new here in so much as I haven't even picked up a saxophone yet! This will change tomorrow as I'm visiting in London for some buying advice and maybe actually buying one then and there too.
Anyway, back to my original post...I'm just starting out listening to various saxophonists from John Coltrane to Kenny G. I have to say that I'm pretty much in the Coltrane camp here and have just started listening to his son, Ravi too. Can someone recommend players similar to Coltrane as well as albums too? Thanks.
Similar to Coltrane? Sort of depends which era you're talking about - fairly straight ahead bop Coltrane or way out in the cosmos Coltrane.

Anyway have a go with:

Pharoah Sanders and Archie Shepp both have way out sides and ballady sides.
Sonny Rollins - perhaps try Saxophone Colossus but there's loads
Michael Brecker - any of his solo ones (avoid Brecker Brothers unless you like funk)
George Coleman - At Yoshi's is very good
Dexter Gordon - not quite as hard as Coltrane, try The Panther
Benny Golson
Wayne Shorter
Joe Henderson
There's plenty of them out there. Google hard-bop sax players or something.
Thanks for the advice. I've listened to some Sonny Rollins and I'll slowly make my way through the rest of your recommendations.
Do you have access to spotify
When you play an artist using spotify it recommends similar artists and is a great way of finding new stuff.
If not spotify then use last fm

Hi There!

Just make sure you buy a Tenor sax if that is the stuff that is going to appeal - probably a waste of time getting an alto, even though they may be a bit cheaper. If you don't get a sax straight away whilst there do look at the Bauhaus Walstein Tenor range - pro quality at student prices - you should be able to get one for under £500 - little/no competition under £1000, but you may be keen on getting a more expensive sax.

Also recommendation for Wayne Shorter........!
Kind regards
+1 for Pharoah Sanders (lots of coltrane influence and lovely lyrical feel to his playing)
Thanks for that, I'll stick it all on the ever growing list! I can't stop listening to Moanin' - Charles Mingus at the moment, quite a popular tune from what I can gather... I think I remember it in an advert not so long ago.

Tom, as for the sax buying, I went to Sax in London and bought a Tenor (after they recommended that I did from my musical preferences), a Sakkusu. It came with a "sax pack" to get me going, a yamaha 4C mouthpiece and a bunch of 2 strength reeds. I will be getting lessons shortly but I'm making my way DIY style and having fun although I'm only playing six notes so far and trying to gain some rhythm!
Modern era players such as Walt Weiskopf, Bob Berg, and Bob Mintzer come out of the Coltrane tradition as well, so I'd check them out to.
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I have a sakkusu tenor as well. They are a fantastic horn for the money. so good in fact I got an alto as well.



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