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Some interesting Vegetable Accompaniments...!

Two favourite, and closely related, Vegetable acommpaniments:

1. Onion, peas and lettuce.


2 medium onions, halved and thinly sliced.
1 little gem lettuce, leaves halved.
200g frozen peas.
1/2 lemon.
Some oil and butter.
Some mint leaves/mint sauce etc.

a. In a warm frying pan, heat a mixture of oil and butter until sizzling. Add onions and cook for 15 mins on medium heat.

b. Add peas and cook gently until soft. Add mint and seasoning. stir well.
c. Add lettuce until softened, add lemon juice.
d. Check and adjust seasoning and serve.

Ideal with Fish & Chips, any fish dishes, and chicken.

2. Onion, Savoy Cabbage and peas.

Similar to above.

Remove 8 cabbage leaves, cut out any thick stems and cut into strips approx 3" by 1/2"
After cooking onions as in a. above then add cabbage and continue to cook until soft, adding a wine glass of water. Then add peas and finish as above.

This is a more robust accompaniment and is good with sausages, pies, and roast meats.
Bon Appetit!


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An alternative. Get a pointy cabbage. Take off the outer leaves, quarter, take out the core and shred. Get a big saute pan. Put in a little oil and a handful of smoked bacon lardons. Add the cabbage, stir around and generally fling about the pan using poncy chef-y flicks of the wrist. Bung a lid on and let cook for 6-7 minutes. Take the lid off, more of the swirly type stuff. This is good with chicken.

You can do something similar with sprouts, but if they're the bullet type ones (I mean in terms of hardness, not shape...) blanch them first.

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