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Some improvisation, what do you think?


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I have recorded myself a few times in the past but due to a gradual switch over from PC to Mac, I have just had my first attempt in more than a year.

Some of you will recognise the backing track but I have completely ignored the original tune and improvised.
Why? to see if I could make something completely different and I could hum you a line of the original either..
Do you mentally hear and anticipate from the backing what should go where I play?
Or do you take it for what it is?

Which is.... a few mistakes, lack of space to create a better lyrical feel to some phrases and some pleasing moments too.

Basically I put on the track made up the first phrase and came back to it occasionally and recorded about the 5th attempt.
Very nice. I'm sorry to have to admit I didn't recognise the backing track, though.
Wish I could play this well! Couple of places the backing loses you, but it works well. No idea on the backing, either.
Great Trev, I love the seductive tone!!! Is that the V1 or V11?

Hi all
Thanks for the feed back and kind comments.
Ok so as no one knows the backing track there is no anticipation
For what should have been played.
I can't remember where I got the track or even if the title
Is correct but it says smoke gets in your eyes.
I tried to say in the first post I couldn't hum a line but spell checker interfered
Without me realizing.
I used an sm 58 mic perched on a kitchen chair into my new toy
A cheap lexicon audio interface into garageband on the
Mkvii tenor and saxscape fatcat.
I hope all this typing makes sense as I am hopeless at posting from my phone.

I will probably upload
More tracks old and new to sound click in the coming weeks too.
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Sorry double Post!
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Post man rings twice ... [Lmao] ...

Ha Ha Saxlicker ... ;}

Beers are on you mate - Double post ... [On the phone] He he :))):)))
Very nice and highly enjoyable.
Change of Plan ...

I changed my mind about the beer Saxlicker ... ;}

I just opened this instead - Cheers mate ... [Hic] :w00t:

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I will make a fair dent in it tonight ...

PS - It was in Pete's Booze cupboard ... Do you think he will notice it's gone? :shocked:

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