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Some helpful advice for home recording


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Loads of you on here are starting to show an interest in recording yourselves, well there's plenty of really good advice on Pete's pages or you can watch these two short films by Mathew Stone.
Mathew is known as "Craisydaisydoo" on youtube. He sometimes frequents this site and has put together these very good videos explaining home recording. Admittedly his target product is a youtube video, but I feel the advice works for just getting a good sound recording.
The two videos that follow are superb.
Thanks Mathew!

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Well done Taz for pointing out these very interesting videos.
I agree with you, gives a good insight of how sounds can be manipulated these days.
And we all enjoy highly manipulated music all the time, especially in more recent times.
I'm a big Motown fan but know the 'immediacy' of those records was highly contrived.

I know I may be seen as a primitive, but the way the Blue Note recordings were made was very pure.
Mind you, you'll need a great sounding room with lots of space, very good equipment, operators who understand the room and lots of time to get the balance to record live.

Of course the other primitive approach I enjoy is that once professed by Nick Lowe. 'Bang it down and tart it up'.

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