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Mouthpieces Some good contemporary Baritone mpc's to team with touchy vintage horns ?


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Hi All.

OK, so...as a refurber and reseller, I do a fair amount of vintage BigHorns...and some of the more popular models actually also have a propensity for being a little squirrelly in the intonation dept when teamed up with a modern mouthpiece (Conn 12M perhaps the most common example, but there are others - currently I just completed a Martin Searchlight Comm I Baritone, a model not often seen, and it also fits this category).

I have many a tester mouthpiece, and in certain instances some of my usual 'common' testers (Yama 5C, Selmer Paris for example) are rejected by the horn like a bad liver transplant. Typically, I find a few large-chamber pieces which settle the issue quite nicely.

The problem is, those mouthpieces are the likes of an old Vito, France , an old Conn ebonite pickle-barrel, a vintage stock Martin, etc..

So in an instance where I sell these horns, should I be asked...I really have little to go on as far as recommending a contemporary 'piece.

So, those of you who have teamed 'touchy' vintage Baritones with newer 'pieces....suggestions ?

(I would prefer that you share your firsthand experiences in this instance, por favor ....as opposed to speculating which ones 'might' work)
Hi, as a Conn 12M baritone player, i believe that vintage baris in general, especially large bore ones should be played with a large chamber mouthpiece to give their best both in terms of intonation and timbre.
Try to look here, a great modern mouthpiece of good german hard rubber, hand made in italy.
Just to make things clear I am not endorsing it, and it is a prototype, but sounds very interesting to me, it is inspired by the otto link slant, which is the mouthpece that I play regularly.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAMm-7MLS4Y
Nice playing, thanks for that. Horn sounds good with that mouthpiece.

Yes, exactly...many of the older american horns were made for large-chambered 'pieces, and modern medium or smaller chambers just do not work at all with them.

So, I want to find some commonly available contemporary ones which I could suggest to my customers.....

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