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Some Ancient History


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Edinburgh/Hot Rock off African Coast
For the Last fortnight I have been putting a couple of soundclouds ( Over three hours worth of mainly original stuff )together featuring Old Recordings from a band I was in for 9 years which folded in 1992. Its really for us Guys in the Band a total of 13 ex-members as I count it but I`d like other people to hear what I got up to in my youth/early adulthood . A time when there were "Sax playin Bands" running about the UK as Mark Knopfler once kind of said. some of it is Raw some Polished and I still have a whole Live set and practice tapes of unfinished material which was recorded, to encode and post but that is "work in progress as is the site"

I know this sounds a bit funny but I`m not really looking for criticism as it is ancient history and I`m afraid I don`t have any ability to change anything now, I hope that some of you might enjoy what we did. So you can treat it as a gift from me.( LOL most of the songs are published and copyrighted) until 2017 I believe. Tee Hee.


Oddities Rarities ( still not completed ):
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Hey Clivey, good sounding band!
So you're saying in 2017 I can have my way with them? lol...

I listened to a few of them. I especially liked the Supremes cover tune. You had some air time on that one.
It's nice to stroll down memory lane. The band reminded me of John Cafferty and the Beaver Band who I liked at one time.
Music track for the movie Eddie and the Cruisers.

Thanks for sharing....
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