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Some advice for growling.


Wendover, Bucks
Not a question but an answer to anyone looking for another method to a successful growl.

I am a beginner and had tried the growl a few times just out of curiosity and because, let's face it, it does sound very cool. The results I got were, well, not very good!

My new teacher has recommended that I first put the sax down and learn to whistle and hum at the same time then apply this method to the sax.

So, off I went and after a while of looking like a bit of a prat alternating between raspberry blowing and whistling I managed it and applied it to the sax...and it worked!

Like I say, I am a beginner and haven't applied it to a song yet but I can now do it (albeit in a rudimentary way) which is quite gratifying.

Hope this helps someone.


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Top man, I use this technique a lot. You could also try rolling your "R"s that gives a similar effect and is probably slightly easier. For added filth, try doing the two together! Now thats dirty.


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Norfolk, UK
Growlin wiv... loads of knashers ...

Croc's don't usually growl mate .... ;}

They snap ... [Bite, Chew, Nosh, Dismember, Disembowel] ...

But you must be the only Croc around here to Growl ... :welldone

Taz reckons you should roll your ar$$ ...

But hey mate ... I wouldn't advise that - even if you have got some mean Chompers .... :)))
Lots of new sax players when they growl they losen up their embouchure. That is not good because your sound looses the right pitch...When you exercise take a tuner in front of you and try the Growl. You won't believe what you see!!!!
But as said before...To become a master you have to practice!!!


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Croc's don't usually growl mate .... ;}

They snap ... [Bite, Chew, Nosh, Dismember, Disembowel] ...


Slight error with your description of crocodile behaviour. They feed by locking their jaws onto the prey then twisting round until a lump comes off and swallow whole.

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