Solo Version of Cherokee (Vote for me!), Charlie Parker Cutting Contest

Philadelphia, PA
A few weeks ago I hipped the forum to a new saxophone competition dedicated to Charlie Parker. I've decided to enter the running myself. The competition requires a short (30-60 seconds) clip of improvisation on a standard, so I chose one of Bird's favorites, the chord changes to "Cherokee". Here is the video:

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If you're feeling it please visit the contest entries page, here, and click on my video and click vote. You can actually vote once a day (until August 6th), so if anyone remembers to go back and vote more than once I'm in your debt. Thanks!

(Similar to last time, if a moderator wants to put this someplace more appropriate, I was at a loss for posting location. Thanks.)
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Outstanding playing Ben! You got my vote!
Some really nice talent in the contest!

Best of luck!
Great tone great playing. The ending was especially good as you used much longer phrasing.
Just voted :thumb: and looking through the other clips i thought Janelle was excellent, and noticed a player in their that i saw on tuesday night at Parrjazz......Greg Abate and WOW what a player he is, the best iv'e seen at parrjazz to date :) i bought his cd 'A tribute to Horace Silver' very very good.
Enjoyed listening to those clips :)
Sorry, just realised I cast my vote for the other Ben yesterday. Still you're 2:1 ahead from me.
Ben: my lungs are reeling in sympathy with yours! For a moment I thought I was going to have to join Facebook to add my vote but I managed it anyway. Very well done and good luck.

Kev, You're probably not the only one :). Thanks for the other ones though!

Also thanks, Dave, for the vote.
Really, what's wrong with this place? It takes a nano-second to vote. This guy Ben is a great saxophone player and he's killin' on Cherokee!
Cherokee was the tune Bird found his sound which made just about every sax player think differently to this very day!
So what's a few more votes for a fellow sax player? Ben's a fellow forum contributor, not that that means anything substantial apparently, and if his rendition of Cherokee is not contributing, then it's everyone else's loss.

He certainly wouldn't win this thing if he relied on this forum! I've given Ben quite a few votes because the guy deserves it.
So what if it's not your thing, if jazz is not your cup of tea. Well, evidently the saxophone is and so to hear the instrument you aspire to learn being played like Ben plays it is transcending genres.

Come for guy......................You can get to those mouthpiece, ligature, and reed discussions anytime!
Mike, thanks so much for your comments and rally cry! I really appreciate it. Thank you everyone for your continued votes. It's making the difference!
That was great playing. Vote posted. :)
Yayyyy iv'e just took the voting to the magic 500 :happydance:
That Matt has some pretty strong support. Wonder if it's SOTW vs Cafesax? Ben's ahead by a nose... More votes needed.
Come for guy......................!

I have been voting.( because it deserves my vote)...... I just havent posted it here!.... Even my dog (Dexter ) enjoyed it ...He voted too.... :shocked:


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