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Solo....Speaking Jazz


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I decided to seriously start to practice starting April 1st 2013....because I never liked how I sounded.
I always put my horn down for long periods because of it. In the 35 yrs.... I've actually 'played' 16 yrs to give you an idea how much I've put the horn down.
For the first time I'm actually beginning to enjoy what I'm playing. I was confident which is something I always lacked. I did my practice and when I finished I wanted to record to gauge my level.

Of course, it's nothing special, I know that sincerely, but I'm just beginning to get into the practice regime of doing it everyday for anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours a day. I hear results! Possibly within a years time I'll be somewhere I would truly like to be, God willing.

The solo is just a personal achievement. My rhythm and thought process, I feel, has improved where I just like to pick up my horn and play from the top of my head, especially outside communing with nature and speak jazz. It's just a very personal thing to do. Using the metronome has been so important!
My higher notes are thin but I'm starting to think it's this cheap 10 yr old ricketty $300(when new)Simba horn/stock mouthpiece I'm playing on. I really need a good horn. But of course, it could still be me.

I'm actually starting to enjoy playing the saxophone and the anticipation of improving has lit a fire under me. I'm just a hobbyist but lately it's given me such a good time and it's merely for my own enjoyment.
It's been pretty cool to play again.....

Just thought I would share......No comments are really necessary, but always appreciated, of course!

Solo...Speaking Jazz
I'd like to hear it played with a good rhythm section behind you!!

Do you know where I can find one? lol.......In time, Chris....I hear us making some really
good recordings, soon enough....I need to understand fully the Tibetan Book of the Dead, first....Then we can proceed...lol.....Everything is incremental.......

Playing solo like this gave me a chance to internalize the metronome.

Thank you kindly Chris..........

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