So this is where you're hiding!

Bobby G

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Wonderful Welwyn Garden City, Herts
Hello everyone, for those of you who don't know me I was Bobby G in a previous incarnation, I live in wonderful Welwyn in Herts, and I am the proud owner of four saxophones - a YAS-62 which is a bit ill at the moment, a 60-year-old Dolnet alto (a bleedin' white one) which is serving as a good backup to the Yammy, a Yamaha 23 tenor and an Artemis curved soprano. I also own and play several acoustic guitars and a mutilated 80's Vox bass (I took the frets off it) and a Netto flute which I keep promising I'll learn to play one day.

I love most types of music, or at least some of most types of music, with the possible exception of that style known as 'urban contemporary'.

It's lovely to be back in the Room, even if the redecoration is going to take a bit of getting used to. At least we still have plenty coffee.

Cheers, Bob
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