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Hey guys, so I've been playin alto for about 3 years now, still in high school and I'm lookin for a different mouthpiece. I play lead in the band, but the combo wants to start checking out more rock, funk, smooth jazz, and contemporary music. I'm playing on a selmer c* and have been more of a classical player with a dark sound, I would like a brighter sound thats more fitting for those genres and still sounds good in the band. Mouthpiece suggestions? Around $100 please, I've also been hearing good things about the Runyon jazz pieces so I'm lookin at those too.*
Hi There!

A Runyon 22 was good enough for Charlie Parker in olden times, when his teacher was Santy Runyon - excellent cheapo mouthpiece, which I own. I have just been playing it with a Rovner ligature on some funk tracks and it is really good. For the $100 dollars mark you could look up a Morgan or Ponzol Vintage mouthpiece, both of which are consistently excellent mouthpieces, or even a Runyon Custom, which is about $65 at www.saxplus.com . Have a look on Steve Neff's website where there are a major number of reviews of Alto mouthpieces. Final suggestion would be to try a Rico Royal Graftonite or Metalite mouthpiece - the cheapest going but very very good - designed by Arnold Brilhart, mouthpiece maker of note.

That's my bit, any way.
Kind regards
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The best money can buy for a great all round alto mp for me is a Vandoren Jumbo Java.I have wasted ALOT of cash on alto pieces and yet i still went back to the jumbo,it beats them all for me.
Jody Jazz Classic or HR. I am mainly a classical player and the Jody Jazz Classic (I have an early one that was made from a Runyon Custom blank) is really easy to get on with. I really like it. The Vandoren A5 and A6 are worth a look too. If I were you, I wouldn't go for anything extreme or it will be too much of a transition from a classical set-up.

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