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Accessories Small but useful things you’d recommend to other sax players…


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With the recent appreciation on the forum that the Kölbl 0.4mm clear mouthpiece patches are great and that other seemingly identical patches are just not as good, I thought it might be fun to start a thread on “Small but useful things you’d recommend to other sax players.”

So, apart from the Kölbl clear mouthpiece patches, I can also recommend a specific make of cork grease, I’d not have thought there’d be much in it but “Doctor Slick Cork Treatment” is great.

I’ve been using it on my tenor since day one and it’s worked a treat. And it’s not made from any petrochemicals, it’s all organic! I use it regularly and because they fill the lip-save style tube right up so that it goes beyond the end of the tube by about 5mm (anymore and you’d not be able to get the top on) I’ve hardly made a dent in it. I'd expect it to be a year (or several) before I have to start twisting the base to get some more out of it.

Only problem is… I have no idea where I got it from!

So has anyone else come across anything small but useful that you’d recommend to other sax players?

All the best,



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...The other thing I'd recommend is not to wear brown shoes with a blue suit.

Hi Alan,

I was told that brown shoes with blue trousers/suit was the way to go, and black shoes with a black or gray suit. I'll have to have words with my tailor.

I'm now questioning the compatibility of my red slippers and Windsor green smoking jacket[SIZE=-1]! Blast, just when I thought I was finally establishing a refined and dignified look.

I shall have to consult The Art of Manliness and The Chap, I'm bound to find a chap steeped in the knowledge of such things there.


Pete C

Last year I was doing a gig at The Old Duke in Bristol and about half way through the second set looked down to see, with some surprise, that I was wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe!! - this covers all bases when it comes to colour of trousers/shirt etc and is the height of postmodern chic, though Bristol as a whole still hasn't caught on to that particular fashion yet.


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