Slow food and slow music


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I would like to ask you about your opinion! For some years ago I joined the slow food movement. Now I have plans for doing a cross-over project: Slow Food and Slow Music.

Cook, eat and listen/play music. Slow music can be aucustic music: Drums, piano, acustic bass, (semi)acustic guitar as a backing band. Don't have to slow, it can be up-beat but no big thing about the equipment. Just a small PA to amplify vocal and other instruments for balance. Aucusitc bassguitars and guitars have small pre-amps. Can they be plugin to a small PA with subbass(with a good result)?

Lots of musicians are into cooking. Is this something you would like to do?



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This movement has a bit to much evangelical zeal for me. Whilst its aims are laudable, I'm a bit put off by its campaigning nature. Whether you would get a load of musicians together over an event for a movement which comes packaged with a mission and a philosophy I'm not sure.

To me, slow food means taking your time over the appreciation of good food. Sunday lunch with the family can easily stretch out over a couple of hours, and is all the better for it. That goes well with any sort of music - we always have music playing over a long lunch. There certainly seems to be a link betwen a love of food and music, and jamming and eating (as long as drinking is also included!) go well together.


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My two main interests (excluding moives- by the way Thom, congratulations to the Swedish Film industry for the best film I've seen in years- "Let the right one In").
Can't help feeling that one would distract from the other- I certainly like my music with no other sensory distractions if I'm really taking it seriously. Though I feel cooking food & appreciating music seem to go together better than the act of eating it and music, to me at least......
OK- Sub Thread- Favourite CDs to cook to..... I give you, from my kitchen- Best of Louis Prima, Queen Ida band Live (Zydeco/Cajun), Tom Waits- Blue Valentine (specifically this album- for it's soul/R&B influence), Earl Bostic Blows a Fuse, Los Lobos- La Pistola y La Corazon (gorgeous acoustic album), Best of Booker T and the MGs.....
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