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Saxophones Sioma alto sax

Has anyone come across a Sioma sax for sale recently?
Especially with the mark "Alex Burns Ltd, Shaftesbury Avenue, London"
Also a Sioma flute or clarinet?
If so, I'd be glad to hear.
Bestr wishes to all
@RichardB I have a Sioma Alto saxophone with those markings, unfortunately it is not for sale as I have had it for 30 years and it was my first instrument. I don't understand how DM's work on this forum, but I am happy to provide more information on it if you get in contact.
A bit surprised to read how it's in excellent playing condition, given the seller has put the mouthpiece on upside down. Looks like it's a metal Selmer. Case is also from a Welklang or similar. Terrible levels of protection and not shaped for a 'clap hands' sax.
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