Sidney Bechet - Le Petit Fleur


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Sturton by Stow, Lincoln
I'm looking for the dots for this, as its an ambition to aim for in my playing whilst I learn and grow.

So far I've only found the piano transcript which I would need to transpose. Ok I can do that. However before I do, I thought it would make sense to ask whether anyone has found it already transposed for sax, and if so, where might I look for it please?

Thanks very much

You could try this You can put it in any key you want..

Quick note to MellowD: The key change buttons on the left are best ignored for something started as low as this; if you use the 'transpose' link at top right (-ish) you can start within the instruments range but you might not like the key you finish up with. Wiser heads than mine may have better suggestions but good luck with it, its a cracking melody.

You'll also find it in Jazz and Blues Greats for Saxophone. It has melody line and chords for Eb and Bb saxes. Wise Publications, ISBN 0-7119-2467-8. About 35 other well known jazz standards in that book as well.

All the versions I've heard Sydney plays it in Bb concert. C for the sop and fits nicely.G for alto but a bit top end. Sounds nice on tenor and clarinet too.

Hit the Bb button or read a tone up. Ignore the first run. I think that's from the Monty Sunshine clarinet version. Sydney starts a bit higher and more simply. He gets a bit more complicated after that. Go your own way with it. It's a good one to decorate any way you want.

There's a version in the 100 hits for buskers jazz edition. There's another good one of his on that site. Si tu vu ma mere(Lonesome)

Nice link by the way.

There's a 2hand copy of Jazz and Blues Greats for Saxophone on Amazon for £4.99 including postage.
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I bought a transciption of Petite Fleur from a while ago. It's a transcribed solo, so it includes a lot of the ornamentation of a particular solo. [link to sax solos down at the moment]
There's a 2hand copy of Jazz and Blues Greats for Saxophone on Amazon for £4.99 including postage.

Went onto Amazon and it arrived today. Thank you. Another Cafe-er generously emailed me the dots, however having this book also gives me a lot of other pieces which will be great to play.


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