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Sidewalks of Harlem


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Does anyone out there know this piece by James Power?

My sax teacher has given a sax quartet score to me, for my quartet to attempt to play.

However, I don't know the piece and I can't find a recording of it on the interweb - I've tried YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud, and just using Google returns no hits for a recording.

Can anyone assist me?

I've tried playing the Bari part, and whilst some (little) bits flow, it may as well be greek!! a recording would be really helpful, I think!

thanks in advance


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Is this what you want Mandy ... [Linky Thingy] :cheers:

Edit: Opps - I see you want to hear the music - not read the dots - you already have them ... Doh! :doh:

Hang on I'll have another look ...

Well Mandy - After a detailed search I haven't found what you are looking for ...

But - If you try his website - there is a contact page where you could do some begging ... [Link]

He points out in his archives that he isn't able to list all of his work on the site ...

Songs from the James Power Vault - The early & the Bizarre

For those unaware, the James Power catalogue is quite extensive. This page takes a look at tracks recorded from the mid 1980's through the 1990's. I recorded somewhere in the neighbourhood of 400 songs during this period. I'll try to keep this page interesting and just post some of the more
memorable performances.

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Sax-Mad fiend!
I don't think it's meant to be Christmassy.
I doesn't seem to match with anything I have on the score :(

Maybe we'll all sound great when we sight-read it together in the New Year :D
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