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Kestrels (a small falcon) used to be a regular site everywhere in the UK, particularly hovering alongside roads and motorways. These seem to have declined and been replaced by buzzards (which are a type of hawk -not too be confused with vultures which are referred to as buzzard in a sime other countries) although the buzzard is a much bigger bird than the kestrel, they occupy a similar place in the food chain.

Red Kites were largely extinct in the UK except for small parts of Wales. 30 years ago they were reintroduced in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and have thrived. There has been a program of capturing the young and releasing them all over the UK and they're now quite common all over. I've never seen a black kite in the UK although they do visit this time of year.
I think I need a lie down in this heat.
Not only was I wrong in saying black kite, I didn't mean black, I meant red.
#293 is not a North American bird, so I relied on a reverse google search which yielded the same as greenstripe's. The tail is not quite as spread out as the search photos that I have found.
The North American kites are in the extreme south and southwest.
I think I need a lie down in this heat.
Not only was I wrong in saying black kite, I didn't mean black, I meant red.
Ah, that makes more sense. The tail looks much closer to the red. Also, credit to Targa with apologies! I appreciate the education on European birds!
Baby DZ

Large Blue at Collard Hill, Somerset on Saturday. It was pretty miserable, but luckily the local chapter of Butterfly Conservation just happened to be running a walk, so we tagged along despite not having booked (we are members). Every specimen we saw was crouched in the undergrowth waiting for the sun to appear... These went extinct in the UK in 1979, and have been re-introduced.

I can't decide if he's rather handsome or scruffy..
.. foxes in the garden are a rather recent innovation here.

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Looks small compared to our local coyotes. Yeah we have those. Keeps the rabbit and squirrel population under control. As it is now we have 15 to 20 squirrels wreaking havoc on all of our potted plants. Five rabbits in the back of the house keep the grass cut low. Another three to the front of the house. They’re not doing a very good job. I still need to cut the front yard.
L O L I went to take a drink of my water. I found this little 6mm Praying Mantis on the edge. Put him out in the garden. They’re beneficial.
I’m reasonably certain I did not order a protein drink.
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I met one of them in West Virginia. Cute.

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