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Show us your pets.

Baz playing with the Grandkids and also awaiting his Ocado delivery.


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Meet Bica. My sister's dog. She is a Portuguese water dog. I read Obama had one.

Many great features, like no hair loss (she's like a sheep) and she never barks! Very quiet, while active when you take her to the beach and she meets her friend. She's kind of bossy with them, although she's not a big dog.

She's five.
Far too many dogs and cats on here, time to mix things up.
These cuties are Green Anoles. This picture was taken at night, during they day when they bask they turn brown.

The green anoles now found a new home- meet Gambo the Madagascar Giant Day Gecko. He is even more fun. Have you ever seen a critter who instead of blinking, licks his eyeballs?
Here's Ned - he's not ours but we're fostering him for now. He was in a Bakersfield, CA shelter and was scheduled for euthanasia. I volunteer as a photographer for Dog Gone Seattle Home - Dog Gone Seattle
and have him as a guest until he finds his forever family.

Little love bug - just wants to cuddle up with you at every opportunity. 11lbs of cute.
If you're local and are looking for unlimited love - he's your guy. :)

You can apply at the DGS site.


That's Gabby, she's in charge of security at our kids Animal Hospital on the Eastern sloop of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
She does well with three legs.
One year old Finley, house breaking the Grandkids.
Older pic of Finley and Milla.
Great place for kids to grow up and help with hospital chores. Their home is next to a horse and cattle ranch.
They might go vegan as they fall in love with big critters. o_O
I'm from a fishing family dating back the the 1860s.



Thought I'd introduce Tiger. A rescue cat... Though we didn't realise quite how much rescuing she needs.

It's taken almost a year to get to the stage where the other half can groom her (knots! Lots of knots. All gone now) and she doesn't dive under the bed instantly. Nowhere near being able to mix with the other cats, let alone be allowed out... But health is good, romps at night, eats, poos... Still a long road ahead.

I dread to think what got her so fearful.

Be nice to animals, they aren't dumb. They remember...
I had a rescued tortoiseshell who was very shy and nervous and would 'hide behind' her tabby sister.
Similarly it took her a a long time to gain confidence and always dropped her head at first when stroked rather than push upwards.

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