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Show us your pets.

Far too many dogs and cats on here, time to mix things up.
These cuties are Green Anoles. This picture was taken at night, during they day when they bask they turn brown.

This is "Floof".
Some people think it's "ok" to just slow down in front of a farm and toss a cat out of the window of their vehicle and speed off.
She's very well behaved inside my home. No trying to eat from my plate, doesn't claw the furniture or get on the table/counters, and uses the litter box. Her only vice is attacking my feet if they move under the covers.
While I'm angry that she was tossed I'm very happy to give her a caring fur-ever home.
Ok. Here's Flat Face and The Midnight Snacker.


They are walk-ins. We think maybe brothers and Flat Face had been taking care of Snacker and ushered him into our house to keep him safe and fed. FF would fight off all commers - hence his swollen cheeks. Snacker has passed away now, but Flat Face persists.
He's very annoyed with me right now. He had a bucket around his neck, after a small operation, for a week. When I took it off, he looked at me and was clearly thinking "you could have done that anytime. Any Time. W@*#er!"
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Is/was Flat Face an intact male? Mature Tom's have 'swollen cheeks' and they don't come from engaging in battle.
They were both intact, so you're probably right. But FF would turn up in a real mess, have a recover and would be out again. He really couldn't stop fighting ... Till he was so messed up and exhausted, we could capture him and have both of them snipped and chipped. He'd be dead otherwise.

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