Should one be playing the saxophone whilst having a cold?


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Stuttgart region, Germany

the answer is probably: why not if you feel OK?

However, I noticed that symptoms are gettings worse one day after (blocked nose, sore throat).
Is it just me because I am a whimp?

What is your experience?

Is anybody with a medical background here who can explain the effect to me?
In a similar thread I recently advocated playing if you felt like it.
I'll ammend that with my opinion that if I feel a cold coming on - especially a sore throat - I'll waive practise (as I did last night for that very reason) so as to not put stress/tension in my throat just in case I'm going recover before getting a cold full-blown.
But once I'm 100% sick and I feel like playing - stuff it I'm playing!
Like I will tonight since I now have a cold proper. Rats! :(
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