Should I get a PPT?

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Well, did my first proper live gig on Friday as part of the Oxjam festival thingy. Had a great time and some people even clapped after my solos……… which was nice. :)

Anyway, something I noticed was that I had to really belt out the sound with my Jody Jazz DV New York m/p and at times it was hard work. Those of you who use the PPT - is it loud?

Can't say I am relishing the thought of looking for a new m/p though. My JJ is a 7* (105 with a deep full chamber according to the blurb). I love the sound and it seems bloody loud here at home but no so in a proper auditorium.

So back to the PPT. Thoughts anyone or do I maybe just need a wider opening m/p?
I tried a PPT on the passaround. It is loud. Not as loud as my old Berg duckbill, or My Link 10 with monster added baffle, but undoubtedly more controllable than either. None are as loud as my current RPC115B, the loudest piece I've ever played, but also one of the most controllable and easiest to play softly. Different tone to the PPT, just depends on what sound you have in your head, and what sort of sound you naturally make. One thing very much against the RPC, though. They take ages to get. Of the many mouthpieces which have a reasonable order time I've tried, I guess the PPT is the best.

Now, off to blow the kitchen wall down with that RPC!:w00t:
Hey Pete

Any chance of a loaner?

I can't keep loaners in stock at the moment, as I'm finding it difficult to keep up with demand. Great news, well it would be but the main reason is not the enormous volume of sales but the time it takes to make them.

If I get to to the point where I have some in stock I may well do another cafe passaround.

Meanwhile the return policy means you can get a full refund if it's not to your taste, provided it's returned with no marks or damage.

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