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Hi Taz,

I don't know if this will be of any help to you in your current 'Pink Floyd' phase, but here is a version of 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' with David Glimour playing just his acoustic guitar, and then Dick Perry comes in at 07:42. Being so sparse you can really hear his tone and hear what he's playing. This is from a great concert, it would have been great to have been there, but having the DVD is the next best thing.

Best wishes,

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That's quite a different King Super 20 sound than that of your friend and mine 'Sir W' isn't it.

How's yours :mrcool


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Thanks for that Chris, you can really hear whats going on. Gilmour really does a great unplugged version there. I think I prefer Parrys "Pulse" version though. :welldone

@Saxlicker... it's the ligature that does it you know ;}

Ville K.

Great clip! Thanks for sharing this with us, Chris!

I'm really digging Dick Perry's solo on that song! Can't get near that myself. Even that swapping from bari to tenor is enough for my eyebrows to reach the top of my head ;}

I listened to a lot of blues and jazz when I was younger. At some point I picked up the tenor saxophone and continued to learn it. It took me some more years until I got into listening anything else than jazz and classical and finding out prog-rock happened with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon :D
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