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Simon, aka pjonah, and I play in an 11-piece soul/funk band called BangTailFeathers, and we are doing a public gig next Saturday evening, 25th September, at the Rugby Club in Bicester; if any local Breakfastroomers want to come along, you will be very welcome - let me know and I will keep some tickets for you.

Material is a wide range of stuff from Blues Bros material through to Amy Winehouse. We have some awesome vocal talent in the band (not to say the rest of us aren't awesome as well of course :) ), we've been rehearsing our socks off the last few weeks and even I have to say, we're sounding pretty good. It would be nice to meet a few of you if anyone can make it to the gig.


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Damn! I'd have love to come along Bill but it's a bit far for me too! (I'm still in Holland!)


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Same story here, I've just disappeared north of the Border, otherwise would be very keen!

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