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Reeds Shaking and not stirred reeds please.....


Big ruff Geordie bendy metal blower
Been meaning to pass this tip i got off my hero Andy Sheppard last month about how to keep your good reeds wet and playing the same as the day it is now >:) pick out your top reeds,get a little jar and put in about about a half inch of vodka !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he got this tip years ago from some top USA cat.He leaves the reeds in there plastic covers,puts in jar and EVERY time he gets out the reed it sounds,plays and feels the exact same way as the day before.Plus they dont go green and moldy.I was cracked up when he was telling me but he swears by it.He mentioned his soon to be new bride pulled him aside saying if were going to be a couple you need to lay of the drink :))):))):))):))):))) get yourselfs a litre bottle of Smirnoff tomorrow,put the magic touch in ya jar then get mortal with the rest folks,thats my top tip of the week.I thanks you i do :))):))):))):)))

Nick Wyver

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Yup zoot. The first bit's certainly correct (been doing it for about 15 years), not sure about the second bit - but thanks anyway. :)

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