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series 1v buescher tenor saxophone


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Hi All,

Gave in again and bought the series 1v buescher tenor. I currently hve a hansons series V111 which i am possibly going to px for a hansons ST6. I have the alto of this and really like it. Anyhoo the idea for the Buescher was as a longer term project as i am learning at the mo but i do love the sound of the TT and wanted a vintage sax for fun. I am going to focus on either of the Hansons; I recently bought a Theo Wanne Shiva for the Hansons as it is a really low sounding sax and it did brighten the sound. . I only paid about £800 for the TT there are no dinks or dents but some laquer missing which i kind of expected the springs pads etc have been oiled and adjusted, I now need a mouthpiece that may be suitable for both. I do like the Theo Wanne and it does alter the tone of the Hansons ( i know theres going to be comments here...LOL) any reccommendations: I guess i could get an otto link from e bay i currently have a Yanagisawa 7 metal but do prefer ebonite. Is it worth selling the Theo Wanne? I was looking at morgan fry Jazz or a drake son of slant. Would any of these be suitable for both tenors. Does this sax need a large chamber low baffle or does it need practice (which i intend to do after i feel competent on the tenor) i do love the sound of the TT . I would like to have a mouthpiece ready for when it comes out from under the bed..but dont want to many lol.. If I sell the Theo wanne i will try to take a photo and go through the yard sale here..

Thanks in advance

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