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Saxophones Sequoia saxophones, a presentation.

I am Aldevis Tibaldi, forum member and London based professional musician.
Currently, I am representing and selling Sequoia saxophones in the UK.

I am pleased to endorse and represent Sequoia Tenor Saxophones, by Roberto Buttus and Marcel Jansen

a- Why I decided to endorse them:
1- Mr. Buttus himself. Excellent repairer with a past as a professional musician: he knows his stuff.
2- I tried the instrument out of curiosity, and I fell in love with it immediately. When compared it with other horns, I decided I had to have it.
3- They don't spend money in marketing: it means you pay for the saxophone, not for the ads.
4- It is exactly the instrument I need: flexible, professional, pretty affordable.
5- The guy is really funny and he comes from a peculiar area called Friuli (North-East Italy). Surprisingly they have to borrow the word "happy" from Italian since it does not exist in their local language. Their best culinary achievement is called "Brovada": an imitation of sauerkraut (this is all true), but they generally have a quite strong working ethos.
6- Very little information about the brand on the internet. I am more than happy to help. They deserve to be seen on this side of the Channel.

b- About the brand:
1- Mr Buttus and Mr Jansen are the owners. They are both repairers. Mr Jansen lives in Belgium, Mr Buttus in Italy.
2- Instruments are made in Taiwan under original designs. They are not stencils. Parts of the keywork can be common to other brands, but the main body is exclusive and original. Staff at the factory is regularly trained by them in order to mantain the exceptional standards.
3- They do the tone hole drawing personally, in Taiwan, setting the main bodies for the whole production (a limited number of instruments are made every year).
4- Due to their passionate approach, they do not invest in marketing. Some German reviews can be found on the web.
5- In Britain, the brand's name, it is difficult to pronounce. Being a Native American word, it might be easier across the pond.

c- Models
  • they make from sopranino to baritone, in different finishes.
  • each finish reflects a different production process and has consistent differences both in look and sound.
  • ongoing development and research is part of the company philosophy and big fun for the lucky endorsers.

d- Who tried them in the UK
Among the others, Pete Thomas, David Roach, Gilad Atzmon, Willie Garnett and Bill Wrathall gave me some great feedback about the instruments.

A demo made with my own saxophones (pictures by cafe member C9off, that does not look like his avatar):

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