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Due to long standing RSI issues i am reluctantly selling this sax as i dont think i can play regular anymore, bought almost 3 years ago after trip to see Aldevis who knows the history of this horn, its developing a nice patina in the time i have had it from new. Hasn't been played much since had a check over by Steve Crow who remarked that it had a nice pad job and was probably just as good as a modern Selmer!
I will be out of the country from the 18th Dec until the new year, i can be reached on 07760444339
May consider very close offers for a quick and easy transaction!

Andrew Sanders

Northern Commissioner for Caslm
Ilkley West Yorkshire
Turmeric! @Jez Watson. I'm suffering with severe tendonitis due to years of glass blowing and I've been drinking turmeric tea, using turmeric in anything that I can, and it seems to be doing the job. I couldn't play guitar for several months but now it is reasonably pain free.
Sorry to hi-jack your sale but I hope this helps with your RSI.
Sorry you're still struggling with the tenor, Jez, you sounded good on it. I'd be seriously tempted if I didn't already have two tenors.
Thanks man, I've been having physio and doing light weights in gym and been doing Chi Kung past 5 months and I'm still having the same issues, i have managed to start playing double bass again but im having issue with that as well, i am now looking at seeing how my condition is with playing electric bass as that should be easier for me and to be honest is the one thing i am most experienced at but its the weight issue which impacts on my RSI, i can play sat down though!
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