September BOTM - In A Sentimental Mood


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First of all,
Thanks to everyone for sharing your creations month upon month.
And thanks C9off for for a nice suggestion last month and also for asking me to host this month.

So it must be time for some excuses from me then !!
Having been an infrequent contributor to the Cafe for a few years thanks to other priorities, I don't really know too many of you, so Hello! It will be nice to catch up little by little.
But I'm also unfamiliar with how BOTM has been going. I thought I might be able to contribute myself in July and still haven't been able to (maybe if I get in the groove I'll slap in a couple of late entries at some point). Nearly 3 years off playing regularly and you certainly know about it.

I may not have the greatest taste in the world but I have settled on this lovely tune that should be a fairly safe choice in terms of appeal and also a tune that cam be played by relative new comers and experienced players alike.

So the more the merrier!!!!
I'm excited to hear you all.

Mp3 and sheets can be found here "Sentimental Mood"
Track has a 4 bar into x2 choruses, the Eb sheet has an "A" that might sound out of place, you guys might have to move the preceding phrase around if needed.

This video does it for me,
A smokey 'ol club with a vintage vibe and wonderful version. Good on ya Don!!!

Only thing is that is exactly how I would want to play it if I could....but can't

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Here's a version I did a few months back,
Lovely version bflateflat, looking forward to the newer one:thumb:

It seems to have been a while since I did one of these so I thought I'd give it a bash.
Forgetting to do things can be put down to senior moments Nick, but forgetting to post in the BOTM thread is a crime>:) even more so when they sound like this lovely:thumb:

here is what I did a while ago.
Nice first post Luc, the new one should be even better:)

Dusted down my 10M for this one needed to reseat a couple of pads before I could get going
Good first post Al, knowing you there will be a few more looking forward to them.:)

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