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I tell folks that I suffer from CMS (Can't Remember ****). It's really bad when you stand in the door of the bathroom and can't remember whether you're coming or going.


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Heard from the former executive of a large interim work firm that jazz improvisation is seen by a famous neurologist he knows as one of the most demanding task for the brain and thus an effective way to boost the plasticity of this brain, i.e. the way it has to re-configure itself when needed. Not so stupid if you consider the need to remember a song among hundreds, its harmonic pattern, how to have all this chords relate to a scale, how this scale runs, while having an ear on the rhythm section and with all these elements trying to build a coherent real time. But why am I telling you this?


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the older generations may find this a little close to the truth but still amusing and the younger ones shouldn't laugh too hard, you have it all to come!!

Close to the truth is nowhere near it - I sometimes have a problem remembering who I am, never mind where. And jbtsax has it about right with the bathroom thing - make the wrong decision and you could live to regret it by doing something you haven't done since you were a toddler.

Thanks for the laugh, Jeanette. Believe me, the only advantage of getting old is that you tend to forget the bad bits before the good bits; on second thoughts I seem to recall that it's always been that way. At this distance, even National Service seems like a happy memory and school was a positive joy throughout.

Now where was I going before I watched that video clip ......?



It is rather worrying when you stand in the kitchen or at the top of the stairs and think: "OK, I know there's a reason, but why am I here?"
Nothing to do with age ... happens to me all the time, and I'm not even 50 yet ;}

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