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Saxophones Selmer tenor sax 1938


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My dad was a professional sax player and had his own big band back in the 30's through the early 50's in Central New Jersey.

I am interested in finding a rough price range for his "Balanced Action" sax, in good condition.

Thank you for your help,



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I live in Exmouth Devon.

the condition for most people is everything when it comes to coughing up for a decent sax - price will depend on the following factors:

1. whether the finish is original eg not re lacquered,

2. whether the have there been any modifications or soldering done on the instrument.

3. whether the crook is original or not.

4. whether are there any dents or not

5. is the case original

6. what type of engraving - generally the more elaborate the engraving the better.

7. what condition are the pads in - does it seal well and does the sax play.

8. is there any sloppiness with the action (keywork)

etc etc

do you have any pictures you could post?

you could try a search on ebay for prices.

I would guess at anything between £1100 - £2100 dependent on condition and playability.

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Silvis, IL USA
I know a guy who can give you an exact value and will ask all the right questions, particularly if you are in the U. S.!

His name is Gene Gast Ph. # 563-355-8484 Call on your cell phone to avoid toll charges!

He does run a repair shop, and is a Juliard grad. Teaches Brass at the local university. Evaluates horns all the time

call between 11 & 5 cdt

I'd give my left *** to have it, but don't have any money right now.
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