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SOLD Selmer Super Session I soprano saxophone mouthpiece

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For sale a gorgeous Selmer “Super Session” soprano saxophone mouthpiece.
I tip opening = 1,75 mm = 0,069” = Otto Link #8 (older numbering system)

Price: EUR 147 shipping included (withing Europe).

I'll be happy to donate a 5% to forum charity fund if I manage to sell mouthpiece through the forum.









The “Super Session” soprano mouthpiece could considered the “Selmer’s straight-ahed jazz” mouthpiece.

The internal design of the “Super Session” is inspired by the acclaimed Selmer Soloist
Medium-small round chamber, the floor slope is different from its ancestor, kind of low roll-over baffle toward the chamber.

It still has the “Selmer sound”, but that “nasal quality” is less accentuated (compared to a Soloist).
It sounds wider and it has more presence, both in the low and high register… but this probably because of the design that work better with medium/medium open tip openings.
This one on sale is a pre-Jubilee model, so no thick tip and rails and still hand finished, less blowing resistance.

The “I” tip opening (1,75 mm or 0,069”) is just a standard tip opening for jazz mouthpiece… a touch closed than the “J” tip opening (1,85 mm or 0,073”)

The mouthpiece is in excellent functional conditions.
It has been used so there are some light signs of wear and the ink of the scripts has faded (as usual).

Foto: Selmer Super Session I soprano mouthpiece - Photoalbum
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