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Selmer SA80 series II tenor for sale


Well-Known Member
I live in Exmouth Devon.
I am selling my selmer series II tenor -its a great horn in VGC and my main tenor and Im only selling it to fund a one off deal. I will post pics today at some stage Im looking for £1800 ONO. Ususal donation to Petes charity if sold through here.


07900 805152
Included in the deal is a free service after 1 year. ( strip clean, adjust replace pads felt and cork as needed) worth £150!
Oh and I forgot to mention the sax comes in a jacob winter case.
I'm glad I haven't got any money - I could get into serious trouble with my missus!!!!
Doh, my monies still not through yet! Good luck with the sale Griff
well it still may not be sold by the time your money comes through
Oh don't worry, I'm keeping an eye on it and you'll be first... well second... no actualy about fourth to know, if you know what I mean.
I have seen Griff's SA80II and heard him play it in lessons and on workshops - it is a good horn and sounds great. Pete
Thanks Peter and Ian.

as promised albeit a little late heres a link to the pictures
Tenor no longer for sale - Ive decided to keep it.
Think you`re right there, Griff. Expect to see you soon. Small dent on a YAS 62 bell!


John Talcott

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