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M/Pieces - Ligs Selmer S80 C*


Weybridge, Surrey
Hi Guys

I have just been lucky enough to get a new Selmer SA80 series II Jubilee Tenor

I test played about 6 tenors and just loved this one

Anyway, it came with a Selmer Ebonite mouthpiece--S80 C* GO--not sure what the GO stands for and a Selmer lig--the sort with a single screw on top

Thought as it was thrown in I would give it a go

Very odd inside as the chamber opening is square

I normally play a new "Vintage" Link and my Brihart Tonalin which are both narrow tip ( 85-90) so I use La Voz Med hard or Hard reeds

These mouthpieces sound wonderful ( to my ears ) across the whole range of the Sax which is why I bought it

As this Selmer C* is a very narrow tip opening ( 71) I assumed that my La Voz Hard reed would work well

Horrible!! almost impossible to get the low notes and out of tune at the top end

Tried Med Hard and just as bad

I have never played a Selmer mouthpiece before--is there something strange about the tip opening / reed combinations I should look for




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Some people swear by them, but for me, Selmer S80 mouthpieces are just horrible, like blowing through a sock. They're often supplied in tip openings which are just ridiculously small. You could always try one with a more reasonable tip opening, such as an H (0.105) but personally I'd give up and get another piece. If you like a smooth tone with a bit of edge a Jody Jazz ebonite would be a good bet.


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I am surprised he S80 is out of tune: I agree with Jonf's sock definition, but the are usually quite in tune.
I would probably put it in the drawer and keep on using your Link and your Brilhart. My S80 C* has been living in the drawer since 1989.

If you really want to try a Selmer mouthpiece, Soloists are decent (horseshoe chamber).


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Skabertawe, South Wales
The Selmer S80 has a fairly short facing and is best suited to French Cut reeds - such as Vandoren Traditional, Rico Royal and similar. The La Vox is an American Cut reed, more suited to mouthpieces with a longer facing. Not surprised you struggled.

Agree about trying a different mouthpiece - SAXPA recently compared the S80 to a Bari Esprit II mpc, albeit on alto, but preferred the latter - even though it only cost £14 - about £90 cheaper.

When I got my Selmer Ref54 it came with a Selmer Super Session E and was pretty good with some Marca Jazz 2.5 reeds, but was just a little too mellow for my tastes. There are better mouthpieces around. There is a Phil-Tone Eqyuinox D 7 mouthpiece in the Yard Sale for £115 - get it now, if you have any sense - they are seriously awesome!
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