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Selmer Mk VI Low A Baritone


Senior Member
Hessle, East Yorks
Hi All -

After my adventures with my new Martin baritone and mouthpieces, I'm happy enough that I can now offer the Mk VI for sale.


There are more photos on Flickr, or I can email them to anyone interested:

I've owned and gigged this sax for around 9 years. It's not the prettiest horn you'll ever see, but it blows very nicely. I spent a day playing all the baritones at Woodwind Exchange before selecting this one.

Serial number is 147xxx, which as best as I can see dates it to around 1967.

Good points:

Bad points:

  • As I said, not the prettiest instrument - the lacquer is discoloured & heavily worn
  • Various small dings around the body & crook
  • I reckon that at some point it's had repairs done on the body tube, bottom bow and bell, and some keyguards resoldered. The top bow is pushed flat on one side. All of this more major stuff is as it was when I bought the sax, and doesn't affect the playability at all.
  • Keywork is a bit rattly - but hey, I'm roughly the same age, and so am I!
  • The G# is sticking (again)
  • Pads haven't been replaced except where needed in my ownership, so it could possibly do with a repad and overhaul at some point - although it plays fine as it is
  • Case - the horn will be supplied in the shaped case that came with my Martin, which is only suitable for basic transport - no padding, doesn't fit properly, etc. - so a suitable case will be needed (I'm keeping the BAM case it's been in for the past few years)
I'm not trying to be in any way negative about this horn - it truly is a fantastic instrument; I just want to be as honest as possible about the condition it's in. It will be supplied with the case as described above, a stand, and I can include a Rico metallite M7 mouthpiece and a sling if required.

I am NOT willing to post or ship this sax - it's too big and too valuable to make that feasible, and my Martin arrived unplayable with shipping damage. I am willing to travel a reasonable distance with the sax to meet serious potential buyers or deliver the instrument if required. I'm based in East Yorkshire if anyone wants to come and inspect the sax.

This sax is only advertised here at the moment. I'd like to get in the region of £5000 for it, but I am open to serious offers. Donation of 5% to the charity if it sells on here, of course.

Any questions, please ask, and if anyone wants any more / more detailed photos, that's not a problem.

Good luck Noel. My etacher has one, in mint condition, he even puts a sheet over the stand to keep the laquer like new. Sounsd fabulous.

This sounds like a good buy for someone.
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