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Selmer mark 7 alto and tenor for sale


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I live in Exmouth Devon.
Guys, I am selling these for a pro playing customer/friend of mine here in the westcountry.
These saxes are top notch and have been maintained by me for the last 3 years and both have very nice quick and quiet action and both produce a superb tone.

both are available for test playing.

He's asking £1500 ono for the alto which has a serial number of M257### which means it has the Mark 6 body.

And £1600 ono for the tenor which has a serial number of N289###

obviously Both of these beasts have high F# keys.

If you want that Mk6 tone and feel but dont want to fork out on Mk 6 prices PM me.

I will ensure that a donation to Petes charity is made if the items are sold thru the breakfastroom.

pictures available on request.
Hi Griff,

I would be interested in either or both if they are still around.

All the best


PS If you saw a lunatic in a maroon Volve V70 stalking you on the M4 yesterday between Newbury and Reading that was me ! Your van looks great, but I think you were studiously ignoring me in case I was intent on some road rage.
Hi Rhys Both sold I'm afraid and they were stonking players! I wish I'd had the dough I would have had 'em both.

Come to think of it I did see a maroon volvo on the M4 and thought it a bit weird. The van does look great bute letters are beginning to fade so will be updating later in the year fingers crossed.

I do know where there is a lovely gold plated cigar cutter alto tho ( sax.co.uk london store)
I'm sort of glad the Mk7 horns have gone as I'm supposed to be cured of sax buying - all the money has gone on our building work.

I'll try not to scare you next time I see the van driving around.

All the best

I have an M269XXX Mk VII for commision sale with my local tech, it's in very nice condition, original lacquer and is French engraved, because of this I would want a bit more for it but it would be negotiable, as the market appears to be a bit slow at the moment I am considering keeping it until the situation improves but would probably let it go for the right offer. I have pictures if required. Please pm if interested.


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