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M/Pieces - Ligs Selmer long shank vs short shank


Hi All,
Once again I want to tap all that wonderful knowledge out there.
I have just recently had a few day's blow on an old longshank Selmer metal alto mouthpiece courtesy of AltoAndy. It was wonderfully comfortable and easy to blow, though only a B*, so too closed up for jazz. It was a little weak down the bottom end, though.
I have a Conn 6M, and seem to remember that the longshank mp works better re intonation than the short shank (bigger chamber, perhaps?) but can anyone tell me if this is true?
I currently use a Jody HR 6, which is pretty good, but the Selmer seemed to promise even better in eg a C* tip opening.
Any advice greatfully received,


Friulandia, Italy
Talking about Selmer metal pieces... "short shanks" were before than "long shanks".
But I guess the Metal Classic "short shank" was called "Air Flow"... not sure at all.

The Jody Jazz HR* is a completely different mouthpiece and it requires a different approach/embouchure... it's something like a focused Meyer hr alto piece.
I don't like the HR* on tenor... but on alto, the JJ HR* is a great piece for jazz stuff and beyond.

As usual... it's always a matter of reeds, embouchure... blowing technique.

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