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Reeds Selmer 8805 Reed Case


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Never had the cheap case short life he seems to be complaining about. Unless you want bling, leave it in the shop.


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The writer of the article claims that using the Selmer case has reduced the number of new reeds he buys each month from 15 (three boxes) to 5. That sounds like an awful lot of reeds to me, but I'm not a professional player. And if he was really getting through 15 reeds a month then I can't see how keeping them in a different case would have made such a difference.

I use reed cases simply because I think it is a convenient way to store my reeds and keep them in one place. I once talked to the Vandoren reed importer who said that in the UK, a humidifying box doesn't really make any difference, but that storing reeds in a reed case does help to keep the end of the reed straight. I imagine that for people who live in a very dry climate or in a house with air conditioning then a humidifying box might make a difference.

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The reed holder from Vandoren is very useful and practical. Different reeds come in different coloured holders, which can help with quick identification. Red , purple, clear and I think green. The holder that Rico reeds use has been updated and modified. There was a problem with alto reeds slipping through and the tip protruding and getting damaged. The new ones are a bit tighter and work quite well. If a reed crinkles when drying, wet it and pop it in the reed holder for a few moments. Skatepark?:rolleyes:. Who does sport and music?

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