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Self-evaluation form 2015-01-01

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jbtsax submitted a new resource:

Self-evaluation form - What to listen for when listening to a recording of yourself.

In the U.S. system of music education it is common to have solo and ensemble festivals in which experienced teachers evaluate an individual's or group's performance and give suggestions for improvement.

The attached self-evaluation form (see link above) is patterned after the forms commonly used and may be a useful tool to help guide one's listening toward those musical elements that make up a well played improvised solo.

Any comments, suggestions, or ideas are most welcome.
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Pete Thomas

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Great resource - this gives people a clear way to look at their own work as objectively as possible. Obviously you never can be objective, but this kind of form gives you the best chance.
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Interesting and well thought out. Although the points are presented as requiring Y/N responses, they would be a good starting point for a more detailed discussion.

Maybe I missed it but perhaps there should be a question about the use of the full range of the instrument - a solo can get boring if it stays just in a restricted part of the full range.

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