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Back by popular demand....The Knowles/Milillo Project

Ha....yeah, Chris is making excellent headway in his optimum mixing of our first project
which will be titled.....'A Step Away' which will be available in the near future on Amazon.com
The quality Chris has extended upon the music is truly wonderful. Better than I ever anticipated. The tunes on my Soundclick page are not yet of Knowles quality!

Well, we're at it again, attempting to get a 2nd project going. (raw material)

Chris writes some difficult tunes and I never look at the chords because I'm always scared to.
So, what it is I do is 'grope' through the changes as best that I could and it's all purely experimental good or bad.
At home I may record two or three versions and pick one. Sometimes it comes right out of the box
without doing any alternate takes.

It's a very unique experience between two souls who know nothing about one another yet connect musically. I couldn't think of a nicer hobby to have actually. It beats collecting shells....

Dark Innuendo
Suspended In Time
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Four more!!?? I just can't believe how you guys churn these out. Especially when they are so polished and different.

"Dark Innuendo" stood out as something very different. Nice Latin flavour with bounce and sparkle. Beautiful fabric Chris weaves on which Mike draws lovely patterns. "Prose" felt like Mike had really drawn Chris into his Atonal web. Very much a Mike sound of early 1960s beatnik cool. Both familiar (to me) yet expanding.

Hopefully others will not feel that they are being bombarded with this much coming at them. If you bought a CD (which this collection is certainly starting to look like) then you'd sit and give all a listen. Well, here it is for free, and well worth your time and ears.
Thanks always for your support my friend!

It's not a big deal really....Chris sends me bass lines, etc. and I improv. on them. There are no themes to write and learn, just an organic way to approach jazz, or music in general. Chris writes in ways that can possibly allow for me to come up with something halfway interesting in an extemporaneous way. Possibly a sporadic ephemeral theme may occur, sometimes not.

Just an organic way of playing music. But to be quite honest I haven't a clue in what it is I'm doing. I simply don't care to know and this is what makes it fun to do.

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