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Second Live Performance Tonight!

Steve John B

I've got my second live performance tonight. My teacher does a show every 6 months so his students get a chance to play in front of an audience.

I'm doing "Wade in the Water" with (I think) piano, bass and drums behind me (but I'm taking the backing CD in case!). Not nervous yet but I will be in 7 hours time!! :w00t:

old git

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You have the Force of the caff© behind you, so it will be great.


Young Col

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I’m sure you’ll do fine Steve, and like Mandy said in another thread, you pull things out that you didn’t know were in you when the adrenaline’s running! Always remember that even if the audience know the melody you are playing, they probably don’t know the arrangement you are using so you’re always ahead of them. We are our own worse critics ( I tell myself).

If it helps, I can tell you that on Sunday I did my first gig with the senior (ability, not necessarily age) sax band that I now play in. We did an hour in the atrium of the St Nicholas Shopping Centre, Sutton, Surrey. I thought I managed to murder several carols and venerable items like Alexander's Ragtime Band, Moanin' and a nice James Scott rag. However, it probably didn’t notice; it's a good thing that several of our group are really good players and surprisingly tolerant of us neophytes.

At one point we thought someone was throwing things at us, which wouldn't have been so bad if it was money. In fact we found that someone on the balcony had dropped their umbrella; they might have done it during Singin' in the Rain. There were actually several rounds of applause too.

I really enjoyed it and no doubt you will yours too Steve.

Andrew Sanders

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Good luck SJB,
You should have let me know and I would have come along to cheer you on. Where are you playing by the way?

Steve John B

Well, I survived. Gig was at the Wesley Chapel in Harrogate. Might let you know next time Andrew, if I feel up to it! ;-)

Made a couple of booboos in the solo, but managed to stay in the right key (I think) so no-one noticed (I hope!). Apparently I projected well, which means I was loud I think!

Some very impressive teenage players in the second half, something to aspire to (musically speaking before I get accused of anything...!)

Cheers all

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Well done! It's a great achievement. Harrogate's anice place, but sadly a bit far for me to pop along.

I'm nervous about a concert next Wednesday with my cello - picked one up 6 weeks ago for the first time in 35 years - little matter of the music to the Pirates of the Carribean, a Sousa march, opening movement of Mozart symphony 40 etc... got a 4 hour rehearsal tomorrow (and then a concert with one of my choirs!).
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