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Sean Winter - The at home Sessions


Victoria, BC
Well everyone else is doing it....

I got some speakers and decided to run some tunes in my living room.

I wanted to do some songs I'm comfortable with in this different setting to try it out.

Check out my youtube I uploaded 4 tracks.

Cold Duck Time (love this tune)

Round Midnight (yes I just did this one)

When I fall in love (I stole all the little slides in the head from Bob Berg)

And Bye Bye Blackbird (I figured I just wrote an article on playing outside that I'd run a clinic on how to do it)

All the tracks are fairly loud. Take it down to half volume and it sounds a lot better.

Wade Cornell

Well-Known Member
New Zealand and Australia
The headless sax player strikes again! The video has a much better microphone. You sound like a sax instead of a tweaked Bassoon. Big improvement. Heaps of energy, a few mistakes, but hey over-all some good blowing and it seems that you are enjoying your new means of recording. Well, I for one certainly prefer it. Now, if you can just either feed and mix the sound from the computer into the camera, or the other way around. Any tech-heads around who know if this is possible? Must be.

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